Difference between air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers

The main differences are: different heat exchange sources, different working principles, and different installations and uses, as follows:


  1. Different sources of heat exchange


Air-cooled chiller


The source of heat exchange is gas, and it is equipped with a dedicated electric fan, so it is called “air cooling”.


 Water-cooled chiller


The source of heat exchange is water, equipped with a special cooling tower, so it is called “water cooling”.

  1. The working principle is different


Air-cooled chiller


The air-cooled machine is directly circulated mechanically by air, and the machine’s condensing coil directly expels the heat and cools it by atmospheric air.


Water-cooled chiller


The cooling tower and water pump are used to extract hot water for heat dissipation, so that the refrigeration process can be circulated.


  1. Installation and use are different


Air-cooled chiller


It can be moved without other assistance.


Water-cooled chiller


The external water tower and pool are required for use.

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