Central air conditioner in the factory workshop

According to the size of the factory area, there will be different types of central air conditioning in the factory workshop that can be used, the common ones are the following:

Modular unit

The central air conditioner of the factory workshop of the modular unit is to modify the Freon pipeline of the traditional air conditioner and change it into a water pipeline. Then the outdoor unit is unified into a refrigeration unit, and the indoor unit is transformed into a fan coil unit.

Screw type chiller

Screw chillers are relatively large and medium-sized refrigeration equipment. This screw chiller is often used in some professional places. We can understand that it can be used in places where national defense scientific research, energy development, some education departments, hotels , Senior visits, shopping malls, schools, transportation parts, medium and large factories, etc. Screw chiller is a comprehensive refrigeration system composed of screw refrigeration compressor unit, refrigerator, evaporator, etc. It lives in Ouzai, which is small in size and occupies a small area. The operation is simple, and it can be easily operated as long as a little training. In addition, its cooling capacity is strong, so it is suitable for large and medium-sized factories.

Lithium Bromide Unit

Lithium bromide unit uses water as a condensing agent, heat energy as the main power, and lithium bromide solution as an absorbent, so that it can be easily made into refrigerant water, and the refrigerant water is above 0°C, which can be widely used in air conditioning Cold source.


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