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Description: Industry Air Conditioner services for the environment of the factory and workshop
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The workshop is a gathering place for production equipment and employees. The health of employees and the environmental requirements of precision machines for temperature and humidity are getting higher and higher. When we designs the air conditioning plan for the workshop and workshop, we use advanced professional selection calculation software combined with the scene survey data, make appropriate plans for the different production environments of the workshop, calculate for products with high air quality, temperature and humidity requirements to meet the requirements of the production process. After complete information collection, data summary, and full consideration of enterprise energy conservation and environmental protection , the cost-saving requirements can provide a complete cost-effective design, installation, debugging one-stop solution for the production workshop.


It has the 3 types as following, based on your workshop and factory requirement,DATOP professional engineers will provide the best solution.

1)Air-cooled module, hot and cold water air conditioning unit

2)Water-cooled screw chiller

3)Unitary air conditioning unit

4)Customizing and design as client’s workshop requirement.

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