Work-piece Shelf for different items

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In Stock ,Customized as client's requirement .
Description: It is applied for different industries .and customized as client's requirements.
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Features of shelf structure:


  1. Combined assembly, mainly composed of pillars, guide grooves, drawer layers, tie rods, positioning pins, which are connected by bolts, with stable structure, safe and reliable and generally used in rows.
  2. The drawer tray is mainly composed of slide rails and drawer trays. The drawer tray is composed of a frame welded by rectangular tubes and bent parts and steel plates. Each slide rail is fixed up and down by two bearings, which can roll freely in the guide groove with low resistance and can be easily pulled out of the drawer.
  3. For safety reasons, the drawer tray of the mold rack is designed with positioning pins and limit pins to ensure the safety of the drawer tray when it is drawn out.
  4. The mold rack occupies a small area, which has a large layer, detailed classification and simple operation.
  5. The mold rack can also be used as a drawer tray on the beam of the cargo rack, which saves cost and has a more stable structure.
Specifications: Customizing
Layer of the shelf Customizing
 Loading weight of shelf Customizing
 Pillar thickness Customizing
 Beam size Customizing
Thickness of layer board Customizing

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