Why does the automobile manufacturing industry need bridge cranes

Because in the automobile manufacturing industry, the items that need to be moved are all large items. When the manpower cannot load it, the main type of large-scale bridge crane lifting equipment will be used.

In the process of work, the bridge crane has always followed the working law of “start, brake, start, and brake”. With the power supply in a state of on and off, the lifting motor of the bridge crane is called repeated short Time working system, and the lifting motor in the non-stop reversing process, the load bearing is also irregular, sometimes light and sometimes heavy, and the lifting motor of the bridge crane is in the process of running, due to the running time interval It is relatively short, and the heat generated by the machine itself is relatively small. In this way, there is no need to consider the load situation. Therefore, the lifting motor of the bridge crane must be required to have a strong overload capacity.

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