What’s the reason that CNC bending machine can not be started ?

If the CNC bending machine cannot be started, what is the specific reason?

If the CNC bending machine cannot be started, the inspection process is similar to that of the CNC shearing machine. As for the specific reasons, there are the following:

Reason 1: The power supply used by the CNC bending machine is faulty and cannot be supplied normally.

Reason 2: The mold on the bending machine does not meet the specified requirements in terms of overlap and firmness.

Reason 3: There is a problem with the positioning device on the equipment, or its various operating parts, buttons, etc., are not in the correct positions, so that the CNC bending machine cannot start normally. This point is similar to the CNC shearing machine, so it can also be used in the CNC shearing machine.



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