What method should be used to hoist the jib crane

For cranes of different types, different performance parameters, different use environments, and different site conditions, the installation schemes are different. Some need to use a variety of lifting equipment to complete the installation task, and some only need one type of lifting equipment to complete the installation independently; others can use the hoisting or luffing winch system of the installed crane to cooperate with the installation. Therefore, the appropriate installation method should be selected according to different types of cranes and their conditions to ensure the smooth completion of subsequent work.

  1. Use on-site buildings or facilities to install cranes. For example, using the workshop structure of the factory to install the bridge crane, this method is often used in the installation of the tall and large bridge crane.
  2. Use mast lifting equipment to install the crane. Among them, it is divided into single mast and portal mast, which are widely used in the installation of various types of large and medium cranes.
  3. Use the mobile crane and the hoisting system of the installed crane to work together to install the crane.
  4. Use mobile cranes or other hoisting machinery to install cranes. For general cranes, such as general-purpose bridge cranes and gantry cranes, mobile cranes complete their installation tasks independently.

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