What is the reason for the chain hoist always decoupling?

Some customers always encounter a decoupling situation during the lifting of heavy objects. And what is the reason for this? Next, I will reveal to you why the chain hoist always decouples:

1. Suspension point problem: The hanging heavy object does not put the heavy object in the middle of the hook. If the heavy object hangs off the hook, the phenomenon of decoupling is easy to occur.

2. The quality of the hook: Some counterfeit chain hoists cut corners, resulting in unreasonable hook design or the material is not hard enough.

3. Improper operation: some operators do not operate properly when operating, and the phenomenon of shaking leads to decoupling.

4. Chain hoist tongue: If the tongue is lost or absent, it may cause the heavy object to unhook.

The hook of the chain hoist must have a tongue piece. The tongue piece is generally made of cast steel, which is not easy to deform. It has a protective effect on lifting heavy objects and can also greatly reduce the decoupling.

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