What equipment is required for air duct processing?

There are many equipment that need to be used for processing air ducts, generally the following are the main ones:

  1. Bite machine: Press the metal sheet into a special shape so that the parts can be locked together to form – a strong part that will not separate easily.
  2. Folding machine: used to bend the metal plate into the desired shape.
  3. Hydraulic shearing machine: Use hydraulic sheeting to cut metal plates.
  4. Hydraulic rack: used to store and transport metal sheets or coils.
  5. Hydraulic rivet pliers: This is the protrusion used to remove damaged rivets.
  6. Partial three-star roller rolling machine: It can be used to convey pipes, metal bars, metal plates, etc., and continuously bend at a specific angle.
  7. Air duct sewing machine: Just put the finished air duct into the vertical sewing machine to complete the final-step-seaming of the air duct.
  8. Round elbow bite machine: It is used to make elbows for round pipe bites. The same machine can be used for both bites and joints.
  9. CNC plasma cutting machine: It is used to cut a specific shape from a metal plate.
  10. Spiral duct machine: It is used to make metal strips into spiral pipes, replace different sized molds to form different sizes of round pipes, so that the size of the duct is more accurate and uniform, the pipe size is stable, the sealing performance and forming effect are good, and the forming process is more accurate. Stable and fast.

What functions should the air duct production line have?The air duct production line is an assembly line for producing air ducts. The entire process of air duct forming is independently completed by the assembly line. A complete air duct production line should achieve the following functions:


  1. Coil material selection and cutting function; 26 different thickness or material coils can be selected.
  2. The function of pressing and flattening: This function is to adjust the process of coil before processing to prevent waste.
  3. Punching, chamfering and grooving functions: This function can complete the production of air duct installation holes and avoid the inconvenience caused by punching in the later stage.
  4. Cutting function: This function separates the sheet material from the coil for the next step of processing.
  5. Transmission function: It is convenient for the coil material to be automatically processed in the next process.


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