“Tips” for the purchase of single-girder cranes

Single-girder cranes are commonly used hoisting machinery, so we must pay attention to quality issues when purchasing. If the crane exhibits shortcomings, it will not only affect the power of the operation, but also severely cause various incidents to be lost. So what should we pay attention to when purchasing a single girder crane?


  1. Listen to the sound


We often see that some low-quality single-beam cranes make a lot of noise during operation. The noise of single-beam cranes is mostly transmitted by reducers and wheel operations. The single-girder crane with good quality makes very little noise when it is launched or operated. Just like the engine of a car, when you buy a car, do you choose the louder or the lower one?


  1. Is the job stable?


The impact force of poor quality single-beam cranes during operation is so large that the operation shakes and poses a certain safety risk. Purchasing “Tips” Therefore, when purchasing, customers should choose a stable operation. This single-beam crane is operated at the speed of frequency conversion control to achieve the effect of soft launching.


  1. Whether the reducer is leaking


The driving equipment of a single beam crane is composed of a motor, a reducer and a brake. If you buy a crane of poor quality, oil leakage may occur. Oil leakage will not only pollute the working environment, so when choosing a single-beam crane, you can consider a three-in-one drive, sealed reducer.

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