The difference between hydraulic lifting platform and crane

When choosing a hydraulic lifting platform, we will consider many factors, such as price, equipment stability and safety, etc. to select the appropriate lifting equipment. The commonly used equipment for large tonnage lifting includes hydraulic lifting platforms and electric motors. What is the difference between the hoist-driven crane? Let’s give you a brief analysis.

  1. First of all, the scope of work of the two is different, and the types of work are different. Cranes are often used for large-tonnage horizontal movement and lifting purposes. They are often used for steel manufacturing. Ports and docks have a very large load-bearing ratio. Both lifting platforms can be used.
  2. Once again, the speed of the two is different. The crane can lift heavy objects in a short time due to the use of high-speed motors, while the hydraulic lifting platform cannot achieve slow and stable lifting of hydraulic lifting equipment in a short time. Good sex.
  3. The working modes are different. One is to use steel wire rope for lifting, and the other is to use hydraulic equipment for lifting and power transmission.
  4. Differences in stability and high-altitude adaptability. The hydraulic lifting platform can complete complex high-altitude operations scissor-type car lifts. The stability and safety are quite high. However, the crane cannot carry people and can only complete lifting and moving, etc., basic functions The advantages of high-altitude operations are not as good as the practicality of hydraulic lifting platforms.

It is recommended to use cranes for manufacturing industries with high frequency of use, while for valuables and industries with low speed requirements, you can choose lifting platforms.

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