The components of the crane

  1. Lifting structure The transmission path is as follows: the motor drives the high-speed shaft of the reducer through the high-speed shaft coupling, passes through the reducer and increases the torque, and the low-speed shaft passes through the low-speed shaft coupling to drive the reel. The wire rope drawn from the drum is connected to the picking equipment through the guide pulley and the labor-saving lifting pulley group, because the motor can be forward and reverse, so that the drum can wind in or release the lifting rope to complete the lifting of the goods.
  2. Operation structure According to its characteristics, it can be divided into operational and non-operational categories. Operational operation structure cooperates with other organizations to operate and move goods. The non-operating organization is generally only used to adjust the operating position of the crane. According to the structural characteristics, it can generally be divided into tracked operation and trackless operation. The tracked operation organization is based on whether the operating part has driving equipment, and there are self-propelled and traction. Minute. There are two driving methods for operating organizations: gathering driving and separation driving. Gathering drive is only suitable for the operation organization of small span cranes or crane trolleys.
  3. Rotating organization of the crane Rotating support equipment is divided into two categories: column type and turntable type. Column-type reversal support is divided into fixed column type and rotating column type. Floating cranes mostly use fixed column type, while gantry cranes have also used rotating column type in the past. The turntable type reversal support is divided into roller jacket type, support roller type and rolling bearing type.


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