Technical and safe operation of gantry cranes

The actual technical specifications for the technical practical operation of gantry cranes are as follows:

1. Only those who have passed the examination and have a machine and equipment operation certificate are allowed to carry out practical operations. Operators must strictly implement relevant safety, shift and other rules and regulations.

2. Check whether the transmission system, control mechanism, size of the car travel wheel, wire rope drum, lifting hook, movable pulley, galvanized wire rope, etc. are damaged or not. Park everything. After the rain, it should be checked whether the roadbed works and rails of the heavy machine are in good condition.

3. Check whether the data signal bell, signal indicator and lighting fixtures are sound, test the lifting aspect ratio and travel travel switch, and whether the posture of each braking system is smart and reliable.

4. When the lifting hook is placed in the least part, the galvanized steel wire rope should be left at least two circles on the wire rope reel. Galvanized steel wire rope is damaged and corroded by more than 40% of the diameter of the stainless steel wire on the surface, burned, squashed and deformed, and broken one strand? Application should be strictly prohibited.

5. When working, the driver only listens to the guidance of one person. Drivers and conductors should have a prominent hand data signal or speaker data signal. The driver should be backed by the speaker data signal before implementation. In the event of a risk or a common crane failure, no matter who the “parking” data signal only wants to say, the car should be parked immediately.

6. When hoisting for the first time, try the hoisting first. When the hanging object is hoisted 200mm off the ground, do the brake pedal experiment and confirm that the hoisting is good before starting work. During the whole process of moving, make the hanging object higher than 0.5 meters above all objects in the middle of moving.

7. The lift, start and stop of the crane should be slow, and it is forbidden to suddenly change direction during operation. When the large and small cars are operating close to the terminal, use the slowest speed. It is strictly forbidden to use limit switches as a way to stop running.

8. In case of power failure, much lowering of working voltage or common failure of machinery and equipment, when the supporting feet on both sides of the truck are out of alignment, move all control boards to the zero position immediately and turn on the main power switch. If the hanging object is in the suspension part, certain effective measures should be taken to make the hanging object land slowly.

9. In the crane factory, it is strictly forbidden to suspend objects or lift product workpieces buried in gravel soil or other items.

10. The distance between two overweight machines on the same track should be more than 3 meters

11. Galvanized steel wire rope should be checked on time, and oiled once every half a month. Before oiling, the oil stains on the galvanized steel wire rope should be cleaned and cleaned, and the grease should be heated to about 60 °C to promote the grease removal. into the rope gap.

12. After working, the lifting hook should be raised slowly, the car should be parked at one end of the driver’s cab, and the crane should be opened to the outside at a specific address, and the rail should be clamped with a wheel clamp. Inspect and clean up machinery and equipment, and do a good job in daily maintenance, place each actual operating rocker (power switch) in the neutral position (zero position), turn on the main power switch, and lock the car cab, so as to be neat, clean and safe.

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