single beam cranes advantages

The single-beam crane has the advantages of light weight, strong rigidity, and outstanding design, which can effectively save plant space and investment costs. It is widely used for hoisting in the work range of warehouse loading and unloading, material handling, mold assembly, etc. It is especially suitable for occasions such as material handling and precision assembly of parts that require high-precision positioning.

In addition to the advantages of ordinary single-beam cranes,  single-beam cranes have more features. The design concept adopts a low headroom design, which can effectively increase the transportation space, and the unique C-shaped structure increases the lifting space accordingly. The appearance is a chemical design, light weight, can be programmed to lift the limit, to achieve comprehensive protection; and the protection level is IP55, H-class insulation, powerful. In terms of performance, it starts and runs smoothly, has no impact, has good mute effect and reduces noise pollution; and its low failure rate can reduce maintenance costs and extend service life. In the system composition, there are hard tooth surface reducers, which have high bearing capacity and long life; electric disk brakes, dustproof; self-adjusting brakes, no manual adjustments; semi-grease lubrication and high-strength galvanized anti-rust steel wire ropes, maintenance-free; and The motor, brake and gearbox are three-in-one for driving.

With the development and application of intelligent crane technology, single-beam cranes also have anti-sway systems, enclosed ductile iron rope guides, and end beam hinged designs, which not only realize human-computer interaction, but also avoid the “three-legged” phenomenon appear. The single-beam crane adopts new energy-saving technologies such as direct drive and frequency conversion drive. The crane runs smoothly, has accurate positioning, and improves work efficiency. Intelligent functions such as monitoring, remote communication, diagnosis, and automatic control can be configured to easily realize intelligent handling.

The single-beam crane has a small structure, light weight, low noise, maintenance-free, high energy rate, and low energy consumption. Compared with traditional domestic cranes, the distance between the hook of a single beam crane and the roof is small, and the clearance height is also low.

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