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Single beam cranes produced by our company

Single-beam crane ,This utility model relates to an electric hoist running mechanism of an electric single-beam crane. It includes the main beam and the electric hoist. The walking mechanism of the single-beam electric hoist is mainly in the form of a trolley, which is to add one between the electric hoist and the beam. There are mainly beams and end beams at both ends. Electric hoist, the cart runs, and the cart runs. Hook. The attachments are safety trolley lines and tracks. The most common one is a single bridge beam, which consists of a main beam, two end beams and a hoist. The gourd is used for lifting heavy objects and moving left and right. The main beam is for hanging the gourd, and the end beam is moved back and forth. In addition, single-beam electric hoists are available in door type, half door type and wall-mounted type. Main beam, end beam. Electric hoist, the cart runs, and the cart runs.

1)Strong usability and a wide range of applications;

2) The working system is great, and users can make choices based on the actual application situation;

3)Good operation form;

4) The safety performance during the development process is unmatched by most equipment;

5) Good bearing performance: When this lifting equipment is used, it must be used in the environment required by the manual. The components and subsequent maintenance can inform our after-sales technology, and the equipment cannot be changed.

Single beam crane creates more convenience for your work.

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