Mixed flow closed cooling tower (downstream closed cooling tower)

Natural wind enters from two directions. One direction enters from the air inlet on the top of the cooling tower, passes through the cooler and enters the air duct, and the other direction enters from the air inlet grille and enters the air duct through the pre-cooling filler. The wind from all directions is gathered together, and the wind is discharged to the top of the cooling tower through the exhaust system.

The spray pump sucks water from the water tank, passes through the outer spray pipe to the inner spray device, sprays down evenly on the cooler, and then falls on the pre-cooled filler, and finally falls into the water tank.

The flow direction of the wind is perpendicular to the falling direction of the spray water and leads to it, so it is called a mixed flow closed cooling tower. (Some manufacturers name it as downstream, using the cooler as a reference)

Mixed flow closed cooling towers can also be made into double-sided mixed flow closed cooling towers, and cross flow closed cooling towers can also be made into single-sided cross flow closed cooling towers.

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