Industry Dust treatment environment friendly

Filter type dust collector refers to the equipment that realizes gas-solid separation when dust particles in the airflow are intercepted and captured by the filter layer when the dust-containing smoke holes pass through the filter layer. Filter type dust collectors include bag type dust collectors and particle layer dust collectors. The former usually uses filter bags made of organic fibers or inorganic fiber fabrics as the filter layer, while the latter filter layers mostly use particles of different sizes, such as quartz sand, It is composed of river sand, ceramsite, slag, etc. As the powder repeatedly adheres to the outer surface of the filter bag, the powder layer continues to thicken, and the resistance value of the bag filter also increases; the pulse valve diaphragm sends a command, and the pulse valve opens when the left and right flooding occurs, and the high pressure air bag compresses If the air is ventilated, if there is no dust or it is small enough, the mechanical dust removal work will stop working.

Applicable industry

Petroleum and chemicals (such as plastics, rubber, synthetic fibers, organic chemicals); paint production and spray painting; printing (including iron printing, printing paper, and printing plastics); electronic components and wires; pesticides and dyes; medicine; picture tubes, films, tapes, etc. .

Technical advantages

1. High dust removal efficiency, can capture dust above 0.3nm, so that the dust-containing gas can be purified to 20mg/m3 or less.

2. Less auxiliary equipment, less investment, and technical requirements not as high as electric precipitators.

3. It can collect dust that is difficult to recover by electrostatic precipitator; and to a certain extent, it can collect nitrate, sulfide and other compounds.

4. Good adaptability to load changes, especially suitable for capturing fine and dry dust, and the collected dry dust is easy to process and recycle.

5. The bag filter is safer when collecting dusty gas with explosion hazard or sparks.

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