How to choose single-beam and double-beam gantry cranes

Generally speaking, the lifting quality of the crane is controlled under 50 tons, and the span of the crane is controlled within 35 meters. If there is no special indication for the use requirements, we can choose a single-girder crane. But if there are requirements for the width of the door legs, for example, the width of the door legs cannot be too small, large, and the working speed cannot be low, fast or high, or need to be frequently lifted, large and long objects, then we are good Use double beam gantry crane.

1.Requirements for span and arm length

The quality of the gantry crane is affected by the span. When we make a selection, we should reduce the span as much as possible when everything meets our use requirements and meets the requirements for the span.

  1. the principle of determining the wheelbase

2.1 The stability of the mast when running along the crane track must be maintained.

2.2 The size of the flat steel frame of the outriggers is larger than the outer large size of the cargo, so the cargo can be passed smoothly.

2.3. Let the span S and the track B be a certain ratio, under normal circumstances, the track is between one-fourth to one-sixth of the span.

2.4. Determine the spacing size of the gantry crane.

When working, the operator should pay attention to a certain distance between the outside of the crane and the cargo or other vehicles, and leave enough space to facilitate the loading and unloading of the crane. Sometimes the space is larger. When the transport vehicle is working in the span, it is necessary to ensure that there is a distance of more than 0.7 meters between the transport vehicle and the door leg, and the distance between the transport vehicle and the spreader during non-working time can be smaller, more than half a meter That’s it. When the hoisted goods pass the door legs, ensure that there is a distance of more than half a meter.

3.A brief introduction to gantry cranes

The single-beam gantry crane is also the overhead crane. It is a bridge-type crane that is used to run on elevated tracks. The single-beam gantry crane runs longitudinally along the track. The bridge is mainly laid on the elevated track. Run on both sides. The lifting trolley of the single-beam gantry crane is horizontal along the running track on the bridge. This constitutes a certain square working area, you can work in this square working area, lifting various objects, will not be affected by the equipment on the ground.

Door type single beam crane has a wide range of applications, and can be used in various places such as indoors, outdoors, factories, open spaces, docks and so on. Single beam gantry cranes can be divided into three types, one is a common single beam gantry crane, the other is a simple single beam gantry crane, and the other is a single beam gantry crane dedicated to metallurgy.

The ordinary single-beam gantry crane consists of three parts, including a lifting trolley, a bridge metal structure, and a bridge running mechanism. The lifting trolley is divided into three parts, including a lifting mechanism and a trolley running mechanism. There is also a small frame.

The lifting mechanism is divided into several parts, mainly including a motor, a reducer, a drum and a pulley block, and a brake. The motor passes through the reducer to rotate the drum, so that the steel wire rope can lift heavy objects on the drum. The trolley frame is generally a welded structure. It is a frame that supports and installs the lifting mechanism and the trolley for operation.


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