Electric single girder crane of components

Definition of electric single girder crane:

LD type electric single girder crane refers to the bridge crane in which the electric hoist trolley runs on the lower flange of the main girder and the electric hoist is arranged under the main girder.


After the improvement of the LD type, an electric single girder suspension crane called the LX type (JB/T1306) is formed. There are also 2 other models of uncommon electric single girder cranes:


1. LDP: LDP electric single-girder crane is equipped with imported German Star hoist (AS hoist) and angular trolley, adopts welded box-shaped main beam, and the trolley track is arranged on the web and side of the main beam.

Components of electric single girder crane:

It is mainly composed of electric hoist, metal structure, cart running mechanism, feeding device and electrical device.

Maintenance of electric single girder crane:

1. The key of the power switch box is managed by designated personnel, and the electric hoist must be regularly maintained, checked and lubricated by special personnel to avoid accidents.


2. After every 200 hours of use, check the electrical device, control system and hook for cracks or cold deformation.


3. After every 50 hours of use, check the damage of the wire rope drum and the rope guide and the tightening of the support bolts.


4. Every year, the crane usage should be comprehensively checked, especially the wear of wearing parts and transmission parts. If the wear is too much, it should be replaced immediately.

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