Digitization and intelligence are the future of hoisting machinery

Smart cranes have many advantages and can use a variety of sensors and switches to provide safe, efficient and more accurate crane movement and load positioning. An intelligent network of sensors, switches and controllers can automatically alert and resolve problems when danger is imminent, rather than relying solely on the crane operator’s intuition.

The digital intelligent control system has simple control lines, low power consumption and no sparks. Its life is ten times longer than that of the old crane control system, and it can monitor the real-time operating status of the crane, record and perform fault alarms and maintenance reminders, and can be used when necessary. Controlling the crane greatly improves the overall safety of the crane.

In addition, smart cranes tend to have lower costs, save more than 80% of materials such as cables, and save more than 25% of electricity compared to old-fashioned cranes.

Smart cranes are pursuing a safer development model. Developing safe, smart and easy-to-operate cranes can help reduce crane accidents, casualties, downtime and damage to the crane itself and surrounding project areas. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt more subsystems and electronic devices to continuously monitor all stages of crane operation, improve safety and ease of operation.

The development of sensor technology has further accelerated the technological innovation of intelligent cranes. At present, sensors and switches that are anti-vibration, anti-shock, waterproof, resistant to harsh environmental conditions and dangerous chemicals have appeared on the market, which can be used in cranes and other construction equipment. Operates well in harsh environments.

Lifting machinery is entering the era of digitalization and intelligence. Crane enterprises should keep up with the market trend, increase R&D strength, and provide various solutions composed of a wide range of product series for a large number of different technical problems, occupying the market of intelligent development of cranes.


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