Difference between Crane and Hoist

The electric hoist is an electric hoist, which is monorail when hung on a steel beam, and the crane is framed on two steel beams with double rail.

Crane is a kind of lifting equipment. From the structure point of view, there are generally single beams, double beams, portals, and bridges. It can walk on specific tracks and can lift itself up and down. Cranes with slightly higher lifting tonnages are generally equipped with Main winch, the main winch rises and falls slowly\smoothly, the lifting tonnage is large, the auxiliary winch has a faster lifting and lowering speed than the main winch, and the lifting capacity is small. The electric hoist is generally a single-beam crane, which is mostly used for operation. The gourd appears in a simple form of driving, and it also belongs to a kind of driving.

Crane is a combination of lifting device and traveling device. There are many types, such as 5 ton crane and 5 ton/20 ton combined crane. Belongs to large tools. It can walk and lift in all directions.

Electric hoist is a tool for lifting loads. It is a relatively single-function tool and is a small auxiliary tool. The lifting work can be moved in one direction at most.

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