Dehumidity Unit

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Description: Dehumidity Unit and equipment is applied for atmosphere of workshop.
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Fully automatic humidity control, RH30-95% arbitrary adjustment, double display of humidity and temperature. 1-24 hours timer shutdown setting, three-minute delay to start, protect compressor over and under voltage protection

Sensor failure self-diagnosis function, microcomputer automatic defrosting, which is suitable for low temperature environment. It is more reliable than mechanical automatic defrosting and is suitable for research rooms, archives, storage rooms and warehouses.


Technical parameters of industrial dehumidifier

  1. Type number: DU-30S
  2. Dehumidification capacity: 30KG/h, 480 liters/day (30℃, 80%RH)
  3. Electricity source: 380V-50Hz
  4. Electricity current: 20.0A
  5. Input power: 10KW
  6. Working environment temperature: 5℃-38℃
  7. Drainage method: hose connection, continuous drainage
  8. Appearance size: 1220*450*1750 (mm)
  9. Gross weight: 315Kg
  10. Net weight: 300Kg
  11. Applicable area: 550-700m2 (storey height 3m)
  12. Compressor: scroll compressor, saving electricity and energy
  13. Defrosting method: automatic humidity control, automatic defrosting

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