Dehumidity Unit

What are the functions and effects of a Dehumidity Unit?

1. The basic principle and working mode of a dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is a household appliance that removes indoor humidity through refrigeration or desiccant method. Its main working principle is: the dehumidifier introduces humid air into the machine, reduces the humidity through the evaporator or condenser, forms dry air and then discharges it. Among them, the refrigeration dehumidifier uses the condensation, evaporation and circulation of the refrigeration system to condense moisture on the refrigeration surface, and then the water is drained through the pipe; the desiccant dehumidifier uses the moisture absorption and release characteristics of the desiccant to absorb moisture in the air to achieve the purpose of dehumidification.

2. The functions and effects of a dehumidifier

1. Improve indoor humidity: A dehumidifier is the best choice to solve humidity, comfort and health problems. It can effectively remove excess moisture in the room, reduce the degree of excessive humidity in the air, and maintain a dry and comfortable indoor environment.
2. Prevent mold growth: A high humidity environment is ideal for mold growth, and using a dehumidifier to reduce indoor humidity to an appropriate level can reduce mold growth and prevent the growth and spread of mold, bacteria, and germs.
3. Improve indoor air quality: A humid environment is not only harmful to human health, but also easily causes the growth of odors and odors. Using a dehumidifier to remove moisture can improve indoor air quality and make the indoor air fresher and healthier.

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