Classification of wire and cable

1. Bare copper wire
Bare cable and bare electrical conductor products refer to conductive cables without insulation layer and sheath, mainly including three product series of bare single-wire railway, bare stranded wire and profiled aluminum profile. Copper-aluminum single-track railway: including soft copper single-track railway, hard copper single-track railway, soft aluminum single-track railway, and carbon tool steel single-track railway.
2. Power cable
Cable products used to transmit and distribute high-power electromagnetic energy in the main line of the power supply system include wires and cables with various rated voltages and various insulation layers from 1 to 330KV and above. Wires and cables are divided into cables, high-voltage cables, high-voltage cables, etc. according to the rated voltage. According to the state of the insulation layer, it is divided into plastic insulated wire, vulcanized rubber insulated wire, mineral insulated wire, etc.
3. Empty frame insulated wire
We are also very common overhead wires, and its characteristic is that there is no sheath. Its electrical conductors are not only aluminum, but also copper electrical conductors (JKYJ, JKV) and aluminum alloy profiles (JKLHYJ). Today also has overhead lines (JKLGY). It is not only single-core, the common ones are generally single-core, but it can also form a bundle of two conductors. The rated voltage of overhead wires is 35KV and below, not 1KV and 10KV
4. Frequency conversion cable
The structure of this type of cable is similar to that of wires and cables. It is characterized by only copper core, no aluminum core cable, small cross-section of electrical conductor, and many types of cables. Suitable for AC rated current 450/750V and below, stand-alone operation or generator set equipment operation in power plants, substations, mines, petrochemical companies, etc. In order to improve the ability of the control cable to prevent accidental influences, it is mainly to adopt the countermeasures of setting the shielding layer.
5. Special cables
Special cables are cables with unique functions, mainly including insulated wires (ZR), low-smoke halogen-free cables (WDZ), flame-retardant cables (NH), explosion-proof cables (FB), fly-proof cables and anti-white ants Cable (FS), water-retaining cable (ZS), etc. Continuously develop new products for special occasions, such as fire-resistant cables, flame-retardant cables, low-smoke and halogen-free/low-smoke and halogen-free cables, low-halogen cables, termite-proof/rat-proof cables, acid and alkali resistance/low temperature resistance /High temperature resistant/abrasion resistant cables, radiation cross-linked cables, etc.

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