Casting Industry Crane

The foundry crane is the main equipment in the steelmaking and continuous casting process. It is mainly used for the converter feeding to the converter and the molten iron; in the refining span, the ladle is hoisted to the refining furnace or the molten steel is hoisted to the continuous casting facility on the molten steel receiving span. Pack on the turntable.


From the overall structure, casting cranes can be divided into five categories: four-beam and four-track double-small vehicles, four-beam and six-track double-small vehicles, double-beam and double-track single-small vehicles, double-beam four-track double-small vehicles, and double-beam and double-track sub-miniature vehicles.


According to the structure of the main hoisting reducer, the composition of the casting crane is mainly divided into the overall large reducer model, the independent large reducer model, the three reducer model, the double reducer double drum type, the double reducer single drum type , Planetary reducer type (this type can also be divided into many forms).

According to customer needs, the following functions are provided on the casting crane for users to choose:


  1. Rotatable gantry hook spreader. 2. Gantry hook spreader with variable hook distance. 3. Gantry hook spreader with rigid guide post. 4. Accurate weighing and display of load.

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