Australia Melbourne Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Exhibition NMW


Venue: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Australia

Add.:2 Clarendon Street,Southbank,Melbourne, Victoria,Australia, 3205,Australia

Exhibition introduction:

Australia Melbourne Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Exhibition (National Manufacturing Week: NMW) is Australia’s highest level of machinery manufacturing exhibition. The exhibition has a wide range, basically covering various products in the machinery industry, divided into twelve themes, mainly including: Australia International Engineering Exhibition, welding and heat treatment exhibition, castings and forgings, pneumatic hydraulic technology, material handling, computer control , Security products, process and control exhibition, machine tools, metal processing, power equipment, electronic devices, etc.

The total area of the last NMW exhibition in Melbourne, Australia was 26,000 square meters. 470 exhibiting companies were from China, Japan, New Zealand, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, Italy, the United States, Brazil, Germany, and the United Kingdom. The number of exhibitors reached 15,800. .

The NMW Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Exhibition in Melbourne, Australia will also hold various conferences to discuss the development trend of industrial machinery manufacturing in the future. It is also the best trading platform for China’s industrial machinery manufacturing industry to enter Australia and even Oceania.

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