why choose dehumidifier

How does a dehumidifier work:

1. Working principle of cooling dehumidifier

Cooling dehumidifiers are divided according to their functions: general type, cooling type and temperature adjustment type. The general type is to cool the air through the evaporator and then heat it up to achieve the effect of reducing humidity. The cooling type takes away the condensed air flowing through the reheater to achieve drying effect. The thermostatic type can increase the temperature to achieve dehumidification.
2. Working principle of rotary dehumidifier

The main structure of the rotary dehumidifier is a drying rotor. It is an important component that absorbs moisture. It is made of special composite materials, has a corrugated shape and is heat-resistant. Because the corrugated media is loaded with hygroscopic agents, it provides a huge surface area for moist air and hygroscopic media.
3. Working principle of solution dehumidifier

Solution dehumidifiers mainly use dehumidifiers for dehumidification. Through solution dehumidification and regeneration, the dehumidification effect can be achieved above the dew point temperature. The solution dehumidifier is simple to manufacture and reliable in operation. It is composed of four modules: air supply module, humidity module, temperature module and solution regeneration, achieving the characteristics of energy saving and high efficiency.
4. Working principle of pipeline dehumidifier

Pipe dehumidifiers use evaporators to cool and dehumidify the air. They can also recycle the discharged condensation heat to make up for the heat lost in the air. They are highly efficient and energy-saving. It can provide heating, cooling and dehumidification in different indoor and outdoor conditions at different temperatures. Moreover, pipeline dehumidification consists of modes such as dehumidification, temperature adjustment, heating, heating and automatic defrosting. It can also meet different indoor temperature and humidity requirements through pipeline temperature adjustment control.

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