Waste tire processing equipment

The waste tire processing equipment treats waste tires in the following ways:

  1. Cut the tire into strips. Tires cut into strips are beneficial for loading and transportation to increase the loading capacity; or for subsequent tire crushing work.
  2. Beat the tires into blocks. Scrap tires can be smashed into blocks by scrap tire smashing equipment. Tire rubber blocks can be used as fuel for power plants, cement plants, and steel mills, replacing coal.
  3. Beat the tires into pellets. Tire granules have many uses and can be used as fillers for plastic runways, sports venues, football fields and other venues.
  4. It can be ground into rubber powder. Waste tire rubber powder has many uses. It can be made into reclaimed rubber, can be used as an additive for rubber products, and can be sprayed out through high pressure and mixed with oil for combustion.
  5. The tire wire can be separated. The separated steel wire can be refurbished and used as metal abrasive.

6, tire refining. The tire rubber contains a certain amount of fuel, and the oil inside can be extracted through waste tire processing equipment.

To sum up the above, the waste tire processing equipment can cut, cut, block, granulate, grind, and refine tires. The whole body of waste tires is a treasure, and reasonable recycling will help improve our ecological environment.

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