Waste Tire Recycling Production Line

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With the year-by-year growth of automobiles and the service life of tires, if scrap tires are not disposed of in time, it will not only cause solid pollution to the environment, but also cause waste of resources. Tires are composed of rubber, fiber, steel wire, etc. The rubber and steel wire in tires , Fiber and other renewable recycling.

The waste tire recycling production line is mainly divided into tire crushing, steel wire separation, pelletizing, packing and dust removal according to the composition structure and characteristics of the tire.

Conventional main equipment includes conveyor belt, double shaft shredder, steel wire separator, magnetic separator, crusher, vibrating screen, fiber separator, bagging system, dust removal system, electric control system, etc.

After the waste tires are recycled, they are broken into black rubber particles with a diameter of about 25 mm, which can be completely “transformed” into combustible gas, steel wire and carbon black after regeneration treatment at high temperature. According to calculations, a scrap tire can be converted into 10% combustible gas, 45% fuel oil, 35% carbon black and 10% steel wire. Among them, carbon black is supplied as a raw material to tire manufacturers.

Application :


1)Auto industry(tyre, vibration absorbing material, shock absorb er)


2)Rubber products(safety cushion,road isolation barrier, rubber tube, rubber plate,rubber sole)


3)Athletic sports ground surface material(court, prefabricated rubber running track)


4)Road engineering and bituminous road surfacing(to be mixed with asphalt and be used for surfacing roads or sleeper of railway or underground railway)


5)Building materials(rubber tile rubber floor brick, water proof coil, vibration proof foundation applied inconstruction)


6)Agricultural use (pavement of stock farm, etc.)

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