Tinplate Production Line

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Description: Tinplate Production Line Technical Support and Equipment Supplying
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The whold tinplate proecssing is as following:

Steel plate shearing → reel (barrel type) → barrel body welding → welding overlapping part burr shearing process → welding seam section differential rolling → flange processing → gold processing → corrugation and W gold raising → welding seam leakage test → sky floor stamping → Pre-curling of the ceiling and floor → Stamping of the flange of the top plate and stamping of the top plate steel stamp → Surface phosphating treatment (surface treatment process) → Spraying in the barrel (limited to the inner barrel) → Baking → Assembly forming (crimping process) → Crimping leak test → paint spraying on the outside → baking oven → internal inspection and lid assembly → helium leak test → screen printing → finish

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