Three blades roots blower

Roots blower is a double impeller synchronous compression machinery, two bearings with each trilobe rotor, using a pair Of synchronous gears, the relative position of two rotor remains constant.


The working principle of the three blades roots blower


1, The three blades roots blower is a kind of dual rotor compression machine, The axes of the 1wo rotors are parallel to each other, driven by a pair of synchronous gears by the prime mover, and do the opposite direction of the same speed rotation, Blower for volume blower, air transport and revolution in proportion, trefoil impeller rotating each time by2 to3 times the impeller suction and exhaust. The driven lower wind from the synchronous gear is transported from the inlet of the fan to the side of the drain.


2, Pre intake pre intake compression method Ís mainly to improve the characteristics of the reflux impact of the fan, In the element volume (closed space around the impeller and the casing and the wall) to move toward the outlet from the air inlet of the air guide, through the opening in the casing or on the wall, to advance into the internal high-pressure gas, so that the element volume communicated with the exhaust port before the internal pressure gradually the exhaust pressure close to equilibrium.

Application of the roots blower:

  1. Roots blower is used in the electroplating tank, in order to optimize the quality of electroplating (homogeneous coating), the gas is transported in the electrolyte layer to circulate the electrolytic body. At this time, it is used as a gas source.


  1. Roots blowers are used in gas burners, which use high-pressure exhaust air to turn gas into tiny molecules.


  1. Roots blower is used as a sandblaster and used as a gas source for the sandblaster.


  1. Roots blower is used for the composting of livestock manure fermentation, conveying gas, and speeding up the fermentation and composting of livestock manure and urine.


  1. Roots blower is used for ozone generator and used as the gas source of high concentration ozone generator.


  1. Roots blowers are used for water treatment, purification of water treatment plants and stirring of sediments.


  1. Roots blower is used in the incinerator to support combustion and promote exhaust.


  1. Roots blower is used for drying on production lines and for drying on small-scale production lines.


  1. Roots blower is used as an air lift pump to reduce the specific gravity of sewage with air bubbles to raise water.


  1. Roots blower is used for grain transportation, and uses air to transport wheat and other grains that fall from the rotary pilot valve.


  1. Roots blower is used for pipeline cleaning, to remove dust and iron powder generated during pipeline replacement or maintenance, and also to apply various coatings in pipelines.


  1. Roots blower is used as a humidifying device to supply a humidifying device that stabilizes the indoor temperature and an air source to prevent static electricity in factories such as textiles, cigarettes, and printing.


  1. Roots blower is used for backwashing, used for backwashing of filter material and filtration.


  1. Roots blower is used for paper feeding in printing machine, and it can be separated, aligned and distributed by using exhaust gas.


  1. Roots blower is used for pressure machinery and used for demoulding after the workpiece is formed.


  1. Roots blowers are used for sprayers and sprayers for paints and other sprayers to provide high-pressure exhaust without oil.


  1. Roots blower is used for conveying powder particles, used for conveying gas chlorinated dilute, polyethylene and other granular raw materials. (Also can take the inhalation type).


  1. Roots blower is used for special gas and used to transport special gas.


  1. Roots blower is used for oxygen supply in fish ponds, oxygen supply and stirring in fish ponds for various fishes and crabs, and also used in aquariums and live fish tanks.


  1. Roots blowers are used in saunas and sand baths, which have a good effect on health, and are mostly used in hospitals and restaurants.


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