Separation Grid for workshop

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Description: It is applied for workshops that needs to be divided into different zones.
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Workshop separation grid net is also called warehouse isolation belt, workshop protective net, workshop fence net. It uses Q235 high-quality low-carbon cold-drawn steel wire, cold-formed steel, straight seam steel pipe, high-adhesion PE or PVC thermal engineering powder, adhesive and other raw materials. It adopts automatic assembly line operation, and performs welding and forming, then galvanizing and then using high Adhesion: PE dipping or polyester electrostatic spraying, single-layer dipping and other anti-corrosion treatment processes have the characteristics of durability, non-corrosion, strong UV resistance, no pollution, no deformation, beautiful appearance, bright color, smooth and delicate. And the cost is much cheaper than the fence of the same purpose and it does not take up more space.


  1. Workshop separation grid has the characteristics of light weight, novel shape, firm structure and convenient installation.
  2. Using hot dipping technology or electrostatic spraying technology, the product is beautiful and durable.
  3. The column and the ground are tightened with expansion screws to ensure the safety of use and low project cost.
  4. It is easy to disassemble itself and has good reusability, and the isolation net can be re-arranged as needed.

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