Precautions for the use of grab cranes

  1. Before each shift, perform unloaded lifting, rotation, amplitude luffing, front, rear, left, and right operation, as well as safety performance tests of brakes and limit devices. If the equipment is faulty, it should be eliminated before formal operation.


  1. During the operation of the grab crane, lift and straighten the rigging that hangs the cargo, align it with the centerline, and then lift it safely. Towing hook operation is strictly prohibited. When the hook has been hung but the weight being lifted has not been lifted, the crane is forbidden to move or rotate. It is forbidden to lift, weld, and fix objects on the ship, silt buried in tidal flats or items of unknown weight.


  1. Pay attention to ensure that the wind-proof safety device is good and effective. Do not use grab cranes under lightning strikes and snowstorms. Those engaged in grab work must master the relevant knowledge and precautions for crane operations. The work of the grab involves a wide range, in addition to the safety issues that should be paid attention to when using it, the maintenance of the grab is also indispensable.


Grab cranes can be effectively divided into gantry grab cranes, bridge grab cranes and knuckle boom grab cranes, etc. Generally speaking, grab cranes refer to knuckle boom grab cranes, such as log cranes. . According to the driving mode, it can be divided into two categories: hydraulic grab and mechanical grab. Grab crane equipment must meet the needs of use. The price is one aspect of the choice. The important thing is whether the requirements of the equipment meet the needs of use, whether the parts required by the equipment can operate well, etc. These are all crane selection needs to be considered Aspect.

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