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How the conveyor works:

1. Start: When the conveyor starts, the motor drives the conveyor drum to rotate through the transmission device. The rotation of the conveyor drum causes the conveyor belt to start moving.

2. Material feeding: Materials enter from the feeding port of the conveyor and are placed on the conveyor belt. After the conveyor belt starts running, the material moves forward with the conveyor belt.

3. Transportation process: The conveyor belt transports the materials from the inlet to the outlet of the conveyor as the conveyor drum rotates. The speed of the conveyor belt can be adjusted according to needs to meet the transportation requirements of different materials.

4. Unloading: When the conveyor belt reaches the discharge port, the material will slide off the conveyor belt and enter the next link through the discharge port. When diversion is required, materials can be diverted to different locations by setting up diversion devices.

5. Stop: When the conveyor belt reaches the required transmission distance or needs to be stopped, the motor stops working and the conveyor stops running. Material transport ends.

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