How to install a single girder crane

Single-girder cranes are common cranes in our workshop. Professional experts are required to help them install them after purchase. I believe everyone is familiar with crane hoisting, but how do single-girder cranes hoist? What are the specific steps?

 Single-girder cranes are one of the most commonly used types of cranes. Its structure is relatively simple, and the installation is relatively simple. But it must be installed by a company with installation qualifications. The installation process and scheme of the single-girder crane are described below.

Visit the site and do a good job of safety protection. Conduct safety inquiries on the installation site of single-girder cranes and deal with potential safety hazards. The safety officer conducts on-site safety education for all operators on the construction site, and explains the safety requirements and precautions during the construction process. This is also the preparation work before the installation of the bridge single-girder crane. Safety ropes (steel ropes with a diameter of 12mm) are tied to the track beams on both sides. Equip ladders or climbing equipment according to the actual height, and set up safety warning signs.

Track laying. Hoist the single-girder crane track to the load-bearing beam, and prepare the track accessories and installation things. Measure the span and level of the vehicle. Pull up the steel frame one by one with the hand hoist and fix it with hooks and iron wires. Determine the span and rail joints, and fix the rails. According to the rules of g-325, weld the baffle plates at both ends of the track, so that the buffers on the track and the crane buffer evenly touch.

The whole machine is hoisted. The main beam of the single-girder crane is lifted onto the track by the crane. According to the workshop height, select the appropriate wire rope length. The length of the lifting rope should be shortened as much as possible for the lifting beam and beam of the automobile, and the lifting height should be increased. Pay attention to personnel cooperation and safety when hoisting.

Electrical installation and commissioning. Connect the electrical control system of the single-girder bridge machine according to the product drawing, and connect the safety sliding contact line hub/reel flexible cable. Install each limit switch according to the drawing. Install three-phase power indicator lights on the rail end wall. Install the power air switch and connect it with the safety trolley wire/reel flexible cable. Measure the insulation resistance of the main circuit and the control circuit, the resistance value should conform to the rules of GB50256-96. Electrical installation must comply with the rules of GB50256-96 and GB6067-85.

After the installation, commissioning and trial lifting of the single-girder crane, it is necessary to check whether the function of each component is normal and whether the safety protection installation is useful. The trajectory debugging of the single-girder crane is completed and handed over to the user.

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