Explosion-proof cranes use and maintenance

Explosion-proof cranes are widely used and will be used in many occasions. In fact, whether it is lifting equipment or other industrial equipment, as long as it is used, it needs regular maintenance to ensure the normal operation of our work and personal safety. How to deal with the rust of explosion-proof crane.

Explosion-proof cranes are a special kind of operating equipment, and they are used in harsher environments. Equipment is usually equipped with special protective facilities to ensure normal use.

Use and maintenance of explosion-proof cranes:

1. When the crane is a special vehicle, the operator should receive training and guidance, have a full understanding of the structure and performance of the machine, and experience in operation and maintenance, so that they can operate the machine for use and maintenance by the manufacturer. The instructions provided are basic material for operating the equipment. Before operating the machine, the maintenance instructions must be read and used, and then operated and maintained in accordance with the instructions.

2. Pay attention to the workload during the running-in period. The workload during operation should not exceed 80% of the rated load, and arrange an appropriate workload to prevent overheating caused by long-term continuous operation.

3. Pay attention to regularly observe the indication of the instrument. If there is an abnormality, it should be stopped in time to eliminate it. If the cause is not found, the operation should be stopped before the fault is eliminated.

4. Pay attention to regularly check the level and quality of oil, fluid, brake fluid and oil (water), check the sealing condition of the whole machine, and find that the oil and water are insufficient, analyze the reasons, and strengthen the lubrication of the lubrication points. It is recommended that during the running-in period, grease should be added to the lubrication points in each shift (except for special requirements).

Therefore, it is very necessary to carry out regular inspection and maintenance, such as weekly inspection, monthly inspection and annual inspection of explosion-proof cranes, effective inspection and timely replacement of parts and lubrication systems, and cost savings for users. are closely related.

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