Exhaust gas purification applications

Exhaust gas purification towers generally include acid mist exhaust gas purification tower, FRP exhaust gas purification tower, biological exhaust gas purification tower, PP spray exhaust gas purification tower, etc.

Flue gas purification mainly refers to the treatment of industrial waste gas generated in industrial sites such as dust particles, smoke and dust, odorous gases, and toxic and harmful gases. Common waste gas purification includes factory soot and waste gas purification, workshop dust and waste gas purification, organic waste gas purification, waste gas odor purification, acid and alkali waste gas purification, chemical waste gas purification, etc.

Exhaust gas purification equipment is widely used in chemical plants, electronic plants, paint plants, automobile plants, paint plants, petrochemical industries, furniture plants, food plants, rubber plants, plastic plants and other industries that produce peculiar smells, odors, and toxic and harmful gases.

Among the many equipment for exhaust gas purification, low cost, low energy consumption, no secondary pollution should be selected according to specific conditions, and energy consumption should be saved as much as possible, which is beneficial to environmental protection. For example, the representative unit of the exhaust gas purification industry-CHO-91 exhaust gas purification tower adopts a five-layer exhaust gas adsorption and filtration purification system. The exhaust gas purification design is well-designed, and the exhaust gas is purified and filtered.

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