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Description: It is a good helper for lifting and dragging items to the place you want.
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This type of electrical forklift ,by which the operator can move with the car and drive easily. At the same time, it is equipped with a safety arm guard for safer operation. This type of design can reduce staff and labor costs and increase the high work efficiency and obvious economic benefits for enterprises. It is a better choice for warehouses, workshops, supermarkets, and logistics centers. This model is equipped with a large-capacity rechargeable battery, which can continuously increase the electric power for the hydraulic pressure and the drive motor, which ensures the long-term uninterrupted use of the vehicle and meets the long-term working requirements of end users.

Model EF-2.5T EF-3.0T
Rated lifting weight (KG) 2500 3000
Load centre distance(MM) 500 500
Max. Height of the lifting frame shelf(MM ) 3000 3000
Max. Length (To fork’s vertical length)(MM) 2342 2502
Total Width (MM) 1265 1265
Total Height (MM) 2070 2100
Total Weight(KG) 3800 4100
Max.running speed (Full load/no load) 14/14 14/14
Power of travelling motor(KW) 11AC 15AC

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