Electric hoist crane and gantry crane difference between

What is the difference between electric hoist and gantry crane? Both the electric hoist and the gantry crane are lifting equipment, when to use the gantry crane and when to use the electric hoist, which involves the difference between them.

The gantry crane emphasizes the gantry, which is like a beam frame of a door frame as a support. Gantry cranes can be equipped with electric hoists as lifting components for lifting heavy objects.

Users can choose MG double girder gantry crane for other configurations:
1. Ground wired operation, easy to use and easy to control;
2. Install the wireless remote control, which can realize long-distance control;
3. Speed ​​control and braking modes include variable speed adjustment, reverse braking, energy consumption braking, variable frequency speed regulation, etc.
4. The use in the open air environment should be explained;

Electric hoist is a lifting mechanism composed of chain, ratchet and gear. Through the principle of moving pulley, it can only be used in short-term and infrequent maintenance occasions, and the gantry crane can be used in long-term and efficient work occasions.

In comparison, the electric hoist has a small lifting weight and is suitable for lifting smaller heavy objects, while the gantry crane is suitable for lifting larger heavy objects. Electric hoists can only travel vertically, while gantry cranes can travel vertically and horizontally.

Crane design should strictly implement relevant technical regulations such as “Crane Design Specifications”. Attention should be paid to:

1. Select the allowable stress according to the crane design specification. The development of crane design specifications is based on semi-probabilistic analysis and allowable stress method. The “Code for Design of Steel Structures” is formulated based on full probability analysis. The limit state design method is derived from the expression of partial coefficients. The two are different. For example: the allowable stress of the crane category 2 load (use load): 180Mpa. Strength design value of “Code for Design of Steel Structure”: 215Mpa. Can’t use it wrong.

2. The calculation method of members can be found in “Code for Design of Steel Structures”. Calculation methods for members are available in the “Code for Design of Steel Structures”. The result is close to reality due to the formula derived from the complete probability analysis.

3. In the calculation of crane steel structure, according to different crane working systems, according to different load combinations, according to different static loads to analyze the external force, according to the actual occurrence of dynamic loads, the dynamic load coefficient is determined by looking up the table. The internal forces of the members are then calculated. Building steel structures are different: use the expression of partial coefficients to analyze, such as static load multiplied by partial coefficient. Static load: 1.2; Dynamic load: 1.4 to calculate. The two calculation methods are different.

Therefore, in the design of the steel structure of the crane, we must pay attention to the rational use of the specification, otherwise it is dangerous.

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