electric chain hoist using instructions

Electric chain hoist is mainly used in flammable and explosive gas or explosive gas mixture composed of steam and air. Due to the particularity of the use environment and site, it needs to be different from ordinary electric hoists. The following editor introduces to you the key points, you need to know and pay attention to the safety of the electric chain hoist when using it.

1. The mechanical parts of the electric chain hoist adopt explosion-proof measures. In order to prevent running friction and impact sparks of the electric hoist, when the electric hoist is used, the following treatments need to be performed on the relevant parts.

(1) Appropriate amount of mechanical oil should be injected into the lifting and running reducer.

(2) Loofah rolls and steel wire ropes should be greased.

electric chain hoist using instructions

2. The best requirements for the selection of electric chain hoists. The stoppers on the left and right stops and the limit rods are made of electroplated bronze or stainless steel.

3. The surface temperature of the electric hoist during working hours does not exceed 110 degrees Celsius.

4. The electrical part of the electric hoist includes: lifting motor, control box, control button, limit device, etc.

5.Use flexible cables for power supply.


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