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Datop company mainly deals in and exports electric hoists, single beam cranes, double beam cranes, gantry cranes, bridge cranes, European cranes, road and bridge engineering cranes, shipbuilding gantry cranes, cantilever cranes, electric flat cars, grab buckets and explosion-proof cranes and so on.

Our company makes every effort to provide high-quality lifting equipment for new and old users with its rich experience, superb technology, perfect testing methods and timely after-sales service. The company has strong equipment and technical strength, and can complete the design and manufacture of various cranes. Technical training and after-sales service work, in line with the quality of development, the use of targeted management concepts based on customers’ different usage requirements, to reduce costs, and continuously strengthen the business strategy of supply quality and installation after-sales service, which has been recognized by customers. And to do maintenance services for customers’ cranes. The customer group includes well-known domestic enterprises and joint ventures and foreign-funded enterprises. Provide high-quality lifting products for metallurgy, power generation, machinery, mining, ports, papermaking, petrochemical, automotive and other industrial fields.

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If possible, kindly suggest please your working industry/process, working pressure, working medium, etc. Given detailed request helps to gain better-matched customized solution. Thanks for your patience.

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