Bending machine operation steps

Bending machine operation steps

1. First, turn on the power, turn on the key switch on the control panel, and then press the oil pump to start, so that you can hear the sound of the oil pump turning. (The machine does not work at this time)
2. Stroke adjustment, the use of the bending machine must pay attention to the adjustment of the stroke, and it must be tested before bending. When the upper die of the bending machine goes down to the bottom, there must be a gap of plate thickness. . Otherwise it will cause damage to the mold and machine. The stroke adjustment also has electric quick adjustment and manual stomach adjustment.

3. For the selection of the bending notch, generally a notch with a width 8 times the thickness of the plate should be selected. If you bend a 4mm sheet, you need to choose a notch of about 32.
4. There are generally electric quick adjustments and manual fine adjustments for the adjustment of the back gauge, and the method is the same as that of the shearing machine.
5. Step on the foot switch to start bending. Unlike the shearing machine, the bending machine can be released at any time, and the bending machine will stop when the foot is released, and continue to go down after stepping on it.

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