Application of Industrial Cranes

The purpose of the crane is to lift, lift or lower heavy objects, and serve the transportation of goods.

Commonly used wire ropes for industry cranes include phosphating-coated wire ropes, galvanized wire ropes, and stainless steel wire ropes. They are used in atmospheric environments. The manganese-based phosphating-coated wire ropes produced by patented technology have the longest service life. Hot-dip galvanizing-phosphating Double coated wire rope.

The phosphating-coated steel wire rope produced by the patented technology is preferably manganese-based or zinc-manganese-based phosphating. Compared with the production process of the smooth steel wire rope, only the final wear-resistant phosphating treatment process is added. The corrosion resistance is greatly improved, and the phosphating steel wire is used to directly twist the steel wire rope. The current fatigue test data show that the fatigue life of the phosphating-coated steel wire rope is about 3-4 times that of the smooth wire rope with the same structure (under comparable conditions in the laboratory). sex. Manganese-based phosphating is wear-resistant phosphating, which can solve the problem of wear and tear during the use of wire ropes. According to the approximate price of the current wire rope market, the price of manganese-based phosphating coated wire ropes is about 1.4-1.6 times that of smooth wire ropes. The extension of life is much higher than the increase of price. Therefore, the average daily use cost of phosphating coated steel wire rope is only 30-45% of that of smooth steel wire rope. The use cost is lower and the cost performance is higher.


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